<p>As the default templates of WooCommerce,  在WooCommerce預設佈景中,會員後台有一個頁籤是「下載」,但這個選項不是每個人都會需要。移除的方法很簡單,不寫要改任何的程式,也不用裝外掛,只需要到WordPress後台 > WooCommerce > 設定 > 進階 > 帳號端點 > 下載,原本的設定為「downloads」,對應到網址最後面的名稱,如https://aronhack.com/my-account/orders/。</p>

Add Custom Fields In Accounts Edit Page For WordPress

<p>There are two things you need to do. First, copy and paste the code in your function.php file. Second, find the single.php in your theme folder. This file is the template of posts. Duplicate it, and rename as single-{Post ID}.php.</p>