<strong>Outline</strong> <ol> <li>Load jQuery On Google Chrome.</li> <li>Execute Bulk Actions With jQuery.</li> </ol>

There are many types of databases, such as MySQL, and Oracle. Even within the same database type, many Python packages are available, such as MySQLdb, PyMySQL, SQLAlchemy, MySQL Connector Python. Overall, the syntax is similar. The information needed to connect to a database is nothing more than the IP, database name, user account, and password, etc. The basic syntax for using MySQLdb in Python is as follows, remember to add a colon in the SQL syntax in the execute; otherwise, it will go wrong. I also fell for this stupid mistake.

<strong>Outline</strong> <ol> <li>Customize your app domain.</li> <li>Deploy Dash application on PythonAnywhere.</li> </ol>

I had this annoying problem many times. When I wanted to get page id with get_the_ID in archive page, it returned an id of post. This is the best solution I found.

You can learn Excel shortcuts in the same way, searching for them when you need them. Some shortcuts can be found in Excel, and some can be answered on the Internet. As for the formulas in Excel that frustrate many people, it can be learned in the same way, of course. Microsoft provides official documentation, Excel functions (alphabetical) and Excel functions (by category) , which list all Excel formulas.

When a user left a comment on your site, and the comment get a new reply, this code will send a notification email to the author. Also, you can send a copy to yourself with Bcc.

If you want to customize read more text in WordPress, you can add this code in function.php. It's simple and beautiful. However, if you add post excerpts manually rather than generating automatically, this method is not recommended.

Post preview, also called Excerpt in WordPress. There are some ways to limit the length of except.