Iterating a path to list all subdirectories and files is an extremely helpful function. You can read bulk excel files with several pretty simple codes. As a lazy guy like me, wrap it to a function make me write code effectively. The code below seems huge, but it contains multiple pieces of functions. All of them are used to operate lists, and the main function to list paths and files is os_get_dir_list()

<p>So many Python programmers complained about the inconvenience of datetime package. This function was inspired by the lubridate library in R, and there is a ymd() that can convert an integer series to date.</p>

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the former also includes Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce, which is an enhanced e-commerce feature. Facebook Pixel is similar to Google Analytics, but it was developed by Facebook, which is an extension to check whether the Pixel is working properly on the website.

<p>There are several bidding strategies available in Google Ads, including conversion, conversion value, clicks, etc. If you want to choose conversions, then conversion tracking tag will be essential. There are two parts of conversion tracking code that you have to add to your website. First is the global site tag(gtag.js), which is unique and for all conversions. The second part is the event snippet, and it should be installed for each conversion tracking.</p>

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<p>Apriori is a common algorithm for retail analysis. But it will be heavy if you load huge transaction data. You may want to focus on association rules of specific SKU (or called CUG) in some cases. Based on apyori package 1.1.2 for Python, I hacked it to be liter and faster. Most of the arguments are the same with apyori, but with an additional list argument, target.</p>

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SDcols is an useful but tricky method in data.table. The statement of it is hard to remember, so I wrote down some examples, copying and pasting when I need them.