Learn Python And R On DataCamp. Start Your Data Science Career.

Learn Python And R On DataCamp. Start Your Data Science Career.


DataCamp Website

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Focus On Data Science

Data scientists and data analysts are new and popular careers in these years, and DataCamp is an online education website providing programming, statistics courses about data science. You can start your first step to learn practical skills and knowledge on DataCamp, including web crawler, data cleaning, data visualization, text mining, with programming languages like Python, R, SQL, Power BI, and Tableau.

A Critical First Step

To start a career in data science, there are many things you need to learn, like mathematics, statistics, and algorithm. It is impossible to acquire all skills soon. However, DataCamp provides a perfect environment to rapidly start your first step to know workflow, programming skills, and realistic use cases.

Even you have a data science job, and it is still regular to encounter new projects or business issues that you haven’t dealt with. At the moment, it would be a good idea to browse DataCamp. You might find answers there.

Besides, the content on DataCamp is in English, and some videos with subtitles, but some not. It might be a little tough if you can’t read and listen to English influentially.

I Used It And Got A Job

I majored in Industrial Design in college and had a job as a marketing specialist. However, I felt like being a web engineer, spending several months developing an e-commerce website with WordPress and WooCommerce.

About two years later, I considered having a new job in data science. As a result, I registered DataCamp, practicing Python before work and break time at noon. At the same time, I started to write a resume. Luckily, I got a data analyst offer in an international company.

DataCamp Website


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