Botsonic is a great product of Writesonic. I used it to create a chatbot using ChatGPT 4 model, and then request API with Python. However, there are some obstacles you may need to overcome.

When you program with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and import a module in Python, the code in that module is only executed once, and subsequent imports of the same module will simply use the already imported module without re-executing its code. This means that if you modify a module after it has been imported, the changes will not be applied until you reload the module.

There are many types of databases, such as MySQL, and Oracle. Even within the same database type, many Python packages are available, such as MySQLdb, PyMySQL, SQLAlchemy, MySQL Connector Python. Overall, the syntax is similar. The information needed to connect to a database is nothing more than the IP, database name, user account, and password, etc. The basic syntax for using MySQLdb in Python is as follows, remember to add a colon in the SQL syntax in the execute; otherwise, it will go wrong. I also fell for this stupid mistake.