pip and pipenv are both popular Python package management tools, but they serve slightly different purposes and operate in different ways. Here’s a breakdown of the differences

When I download broker-level trading data for Taiwan stocks from the internet and use Python to insert it into the MySQL database, MySQL returns the following error message: 1062 – Duplicate entry ‘2022-02-10-1712-116M-29.65’ for key ‘PRIMARY. Even after thorough verification using Pandas, it is still unclear where the duplicate data is. Upon closer inspection, there are several possible reasons for this issue, which are enumerated below.

When you program with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and import a module in Python, the code in that module is only executed once, and subsequent imports of the same module will simply use the already imported module without re-executing its code. This means that if you modify a module after it has been imported, the changes will not be applied until you reload the module.

I'm bold enough to call stock forecasting the best because it's a project that can monetize and accumulate experience in data analytics and investment operations. Since investment and programming have become mainstream in this era, combining these two learning paths seems natural and logical. Of course, the cost of learning will be very expensive, but it is just like the beauty of the climb over the mountains that is so appealing.

Whether you apply Google Trends through the website or writing a program to call the API, as long as you use the service of Google Trends, you can only search for up to five keywords at a time. This is a restriction set by Google and cannot be changed. Then why can the Google Trends Enhanced search multiple keywords at once? The task Google Trends Enhanced does is to group all keywords, obtain each search interest, then merge the data, and export it into a Excel file.

As a designer or a digital marker, building an attractive portfolio is common sense, but it is also important for data scientists and programmers, even you are not finding a new job recently. Programmers talk about side projects all the time, which create real use cases to grow your expertise, including some problems and solutions that you may never meet in your full-time job.

hen you try to read a csv file in Python, pd.read_csv() is the most common method. However, the process of decoding sometimes causes errors as below, and it may not work even you tune several arguments.